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Go swimming in Stardew Valley with this new mod

With lockdown keeping me away from my favourite swimming spots, I am delighted to see a new Stardew Valley mod which lets your farmer swim in its rivers, ponds, and sea. It looks: so relaxing. You can even dive down to walk around on the bottom and collect treasure and resources, which does give slightly me the fear. Fish's domain, down there. Leave them to it. Gives me the willies. But come, come watch this trailer and see how nice the mod is.

That's lovely, that. Aside from giving me that drowning feeling seeing someone walk around underwater for so long. But otherwise lovely!

Made by "Aedenthorn", the mod names simply Swim is available from the Stardew Valley Nexus. You will need to install the TMXL Map Toolkit and some other bits, so do read that page carefully.

Oh, I'm reminded of the hot spring cave mod too. And for more fun and interesting player creations, see our best Stardew Valley mods round-up.

God, I love the sea, even when lockdown means I'm limited to swimming off the few clean beaches within walking distance. Since I have a captive audience, here, look, I've not posted any of my swimming photos on RPS in ages.

A rowdy day at Seacliff beach.
A calm one at Canty Bay.
River Garry.
The Devil's Pulpit at dusk.
Dawn breaking over Los Santos.

Hard to believe "Get in the sea" was ever popular as a dismissive term. Mate, do get in the sea.

Thanks to cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer for pointing out this mod.

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