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Good News, Bad News: Max Payne 3 Trailer, System Reqs

Normally, those of us imbued with the strange power to manipulate RPS' frontpage into whatever form we see fit (usually PC gaming articles, but sometimes, a giraffe!) don't go all starry-eyed over system requirements. Nowadays, all the nitty gritty bits and bobs generally add up to "Yes, it will run decently on a mid-range PC or better; no, it will not run on a toaster, abacus, or cloud that looks like a PC if you squint." Max Payne 3, however, is kind of a special exception, seeing as it's demanding a 35GB space on your hard drive. I've met MMOs that made less of a craterous impact on my hard drive. But, to take the edge off that slow-mo download, here's a possibly even slower-mo trailer. Damn it, Max, how can I stay mad at that ruggedly handsome, perma-grimacing face?

Watch on YouTube

Max Payne 3 is set to dive out of development on June 1. It's also looking fantastic - as evidenced by new DX11-powered screens through the link above - which, I guess, makes up for that entire elephant I've now been forced to stop downloading. I would've named him - coincidentally enough - Max Payne, after the feeling I'd have experienced every time he crushed my ribs by loving too much. This had better be worth it, Rockstar.

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