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Goofy bridge-builder Poly Bridge 3 is coming in May

Stable foundations

A pirate ship crosses under a bridge while an airborne ship flies above it in Poly Bridge 3
Image credit: Poly Bridge 3

Physics-based bridge-building indie Poly Bridge is coming back for a third entry, developer Dry Cactus have announced. Poly Bridge 3 is releasing on May 30th for PC and it’ll continue the series’ tradition of unstable bridge construction, with a hint of Trials Fusion’s topsy-turvy physics. Your goal here is to get your vehicle from one side of the level to the next, hoping to dear god that your recently-built bridge doesn’t collapse.

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Poly Bridge 3 promises to be a more challenging sim than the other entries. You might start with plain wooden footbridges, but you’ll soon move onto complex suspension bridges, hanging together by a spider web of metal poles. The above trailer shows some of the sequel’s unique levels, with a ship cutting through one bridge, while in another level the bridge sways from one side to the other.

Poly Bridge 3 will also have a sandbox mode, allowing you to experiment with designs without the worry of time limits and budget constraints. For more hardcore bridge builders, the "open-world" campaign mode offers 100 levels that have their own unique scenarios, set across deep canyons, quaint streams, and angry rivers. Workshop support will also be available for community-made levels and a Twitch extension will allow content creators to build with their audiences.

Almost a decade since the first game, the Poly Bridge series has been a sleeper hit for Dry Cactus having sold over six million copies. In his early access impressions of the first game, Rob Zacny was delighted, saying it “puts me in charge of one impending engineering disaster after another, forcing me to think about all the forces trying to knock a bridge right out from under a car.”

To celebrate the announcement of Poly Bridge 3, the first two games are currently discounted for a limited time on Steam. You can wishlist the third now, ahead of its release on May 30th.

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