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Grab Corsair's compact and thermally-efficient 3000D Airflow mid-size PC case for £58

A solid £22 discount from its usual price.

corsair 3000d airflow pc case
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Corsair's recent Airflow cases have been great, mixing smart and stylish designs with huge cooling potential, and now you can pick up the mid-size 3000D Airflow for just £58 from TechNextDay via Ebay using the code SAVINGS20. By comparison, this case costs £80 on Ebay, making it a sweet little discount.

I've been using the full-size 7000D Airflow for the better part of two years now, and it's an absolutely brilliant case - easy to build in, elegant in design and exactly what I needed for my relatively power-hungry, high-spec components. The core of this ability is down to the fully ventilated front panel, which allows a ton of air through, along with plenty of room for fans. Aesthetics are still considered though, with a glass side panel that you can use to show off your components if you wish.

The 3000D offers much of that same brilliance on a smaller scale, though there's still room for high-end gear: four-slot graphics cards up to 360mm long, 170mm tall CPU coolers, 240mm top radiators and 360mm front radiators are supported. ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards are all possible, while as expected the case accommodates full-size ATX power supplies. Two SP120 Elite fans are pre-installed too, which together with whatever CPU cooler you install ought to provide sufficient cooling for your system.

If you're after a relatively compact (466x462x230mm) case that still comes with a good amount of room for components, this is a pretty high-end option for the price and well worth considering.

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