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Grab F1 2018 for free on Humble this weekend


Feeling the need for speed on this toasty Saturday afternoon? It might not be the newest car in the garage, but Codemasters are giving away F1 2018 over on the Humble Store all weekend. It's yours to keep "while stocks last", so feel free to treat yourself to a few high-speed laps.

More seasonal update than sequel, 2018's edition of the Codemasters drive 'em up doesn't exactly stand out among its peers. It is, however, free, which is always a plus in my books.

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We didn't really have much to say back when F1 2018 launched back in the day. Yes, it looked nicer, had some new tracks, and updated all the spreadsheets to keep the season true to life. But it also added some neat twists to the career mode, including options to act like a smug prick during telly interviews with Mass Effect-style dialogue trees.

To grab your free copy of F1 2018, you'll want to head on over to Humble and subscribe to their newsletter (I know, sorry). The giveaway will last until 9pm BST on Monday, August 10th "while supplies last" - which I s'pose means they only have so many keys to give out. From the neat interactive map they've set up, it looks like they're still going fast and hot.

Should you find you quite like going fast in an overdesigned go-kart, Codemasters' latest speedster launched just last month. F1 2020's big schtick is that, rather than palling along with an existing team, you can set up a racing team entirely from scratch - picking out cars, drivers, components and staff to your heart's content. It's currently going for £44.99/€54.99/$59.99 over on Steam.

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