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Doof Wagon Rumbles Into Grand Theft Auto V

Plus some nice small gags

Say the words "a 'Funny Vehicles Pack' for Grand Theft Auto V" and I'll grimace as visions of wheeled dicks and Internet memes roll through my mind. But wait, this one is actually quite cute! I like small, gentle gags like driving a tow truck which happens to be hauling a ripped-out ATM spitting money, or a car whose back pocket keeps bouncing open to reveal a corpse. Small gags are important.

Oh, and the mod's other vehicles include a ramshackle version of the Doof Wagon out Mad Max: Fury Road, if you demand big and noisy. No subtlety, you lot.

The Funny Vehicles Pack #1 is a collection of vehicles with pedestrians and props slapped on in fun and interesting ways. It contains a golf cart turned into Santa's sleigh with flying reindeer, a shopping trolley to ride in, a van to car-surf atop, a party truck with a DJ on the back, a car with a corpse, a truck hauling an ATM, a very shaky Doof Wagon, and, sure, a truck loaded with wacky baccy. 420 and all that.

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Creator 'Abstract Mode' makes GTA V videos, often involving bad things happening to Trevor, and has used some of these for those. But you can just drive around in 'em for funsies if you like.

Using these requires Menyoo PC, which itself requires Script Hook V, so it is a bit tricky to set up. Maybe you'll simply be happy watching that video. Maybe you like the idea of casually driving around with a bumping body in your pocket, no big deal. Maybe you like jokes.

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