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Grave Is A Tactical 2D Slasher That Doesn't Quit

Fright knight

In the wake of Ludum Dare #33's 'you are the monster' theme, 2D tactical slasher Grave sees you dropped into a cemetery after nightfall and into the role of a skeletal knight. Pit against a horde of foot soldier cavaliers and the odd monstrous paladin, you must then rack up a kill tally and level up along the way. The longer you go, the harder it is to stay alive. Praise the longest run.

Combat in Grave is an absolute joy, particularly given how restricted the playing area is. Offing the regular knights isn't too much of a problem once you master your timing, and, actually, the crows that fly overhead prove more formidable foes as they relentlessly swoop in from above. Strangely, there's a one in 30 chance that one of said crows will burst into a stream of mutlicoloured confetti - a feature that offers no advantage but one that looks very pretty against the game's otherwise black and white and grey aesthetic. It's neat and I often found myself sidetracked into picking out the ones I thought might be the flying pinata.

After a short while, you meet these bastards:

Which are...yeah...a bit tough.

Grave is now on and is pay what you want. Here's creator Ben aka Heartbeat taking those large lads to task:

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