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GTA 5 Pedestrian Riot Mod Is A Laugh Riot

Combine it with the vehicle cannon.

Yesterday I wrote about and made a video of the Vehicle Cannon mod for Grand Theft Auto V [official site]. Today I decided I'd try out the pedestrian riot mod, which replicates a cheat from an old version of GTA by having angry pedestrians spawn with machineguns and rocket launchers and begin to fight you and each other. There's a new video below - and, yeah, I couldn't resist running it with the vehicle cannon mod on at the same time.

Cover image for YouTube video

The Pedestrian Riot/Chaos Mode mod was made by modder Trumple. Much like most other GTA5 mod scripts, it requires ScriptHookV.dll installed in order to be able to run. Look here for instructions on how to install GTA 5 mods.

Once you've got ScriptHookV installed, getting the Ped Riot mod working is easy. You drop the RiotMode.asi and RiotMode_config.txt that come in the donwload into your root GTA 5 folder, which if you got the game via Steam will be something like \SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\. RiotMode_config.txt lets you tweak settings like the maximum number of rioters, their weapon accuracy and whether they only attack the player.

Warning: It looks like Rockstar are banning people who use mods from GTA Online/Rockstar Social Club, even if you're only using the mods in the game's singleplayer. I haven't run into any problems myself so far however - and personally, I'm willing to give up GTA Online if it means I can reap the benefits of the mod community's creativity. You may feel differently though, so consider it carefully.

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