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Gun Boots: Downwell Coming To PC

Caught Cara's eye

When our Cara's (well, the Cara we borrow's) globe-trotting 'Embed With' series took her to Tokyo, she had a good look at Downwell [official site]. Made by Ojiro Fumoto, it's a Spelunky-inspired mobile platformer about someone with guns for shoes who travels deep down a well, fighting monsters and collecting treasure.

Soon after, Devolver Digital chucked Ojiro a wodge of cash, and now it's an IGF finalist in the Student Showcase, it's coming to PC too, Devolver say it's due this year, and we're getting around to posting about it. There, we're all caught up. On with the post!

Ah. Wait. That was mostly it. Let's see. I'll expand a little. Right, so, there you are with your gun boots, headed ever-downwards - did I mention the gun boots can shoot? Well, they can, but only downwards - into the well. Collected treasure can be sold to shopkeepers for items and power-ups. The well's different each time, and of course your many deaths will be permanent.

Here's a video showing how it was back in November:

Watch on YouTube

Do read Cara's report, by the way. Not that you need that prompt, I'm sure. It talks a lot about his greater interest in western indie games than Japanese 'doujin' games, and comes shortly after he gained Devolver's attention.

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