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Halo Infinite: best controller settings on PC

Our recommended controller setup to optimise your performance in Halo Infinite's multiplayer matches

What are the best controller settings to use in Halo Infinite on PC? When playing fast-paced PvP battles like those found in Halo Infinite multiplayer, optimising your controller settings can give you the edge you need to outperform the competition. At the very least, you don’t want to be hindered by settings that don’t suit your needs.

Though Halo Infinite can be enjoyed on either PC or Xbox, we know that plenty of our readers will want to play this one using a controller regardless of which platform they’re playing on. In this guide to the best controller settings in Halo Infinite on PC, we take you through our recommendations for the best adjustments to make when choosing your settings.

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Best Halo Infinite controller settings: Button Layout

While there are a huge number of individual controller settings you can tweak in Halo Infinite, you can also choose from a series of preset Button Layouts. These basically let you switch out what actions are tied to the bumper buttons, which can be a lifesaver if you’re used to playing a certain way.

All of these presets are well thought out, but Bumper Jumper is by far and away the winner. It moves jump from the A button to the left shoulder button, allowing you to keep your thumb on the right stick and continue to aim your weapon while jumping. In this set-up the A button now toggles sprint; while the left trigger becomes your grenade button, you melee lunge with the right shoulder button, and zoom by clicking in the right stick. Most players seem to agree that this feels like the most natural movement flow of all the options available.

The main downside of Bumper Jumper is that it situates reload on the B button, which can feel counterintuitive to experienced FPS players used to hitting X for that function. Luckily, if you’re not able to adjust to this (or indeed struggle to get on with any of the presets), Halo Infinite also offers you the opportunity to individually map the button layout. We’d recommend sticking with Bumper Jumper’s basic layout but then, if you feel the need, swapping the functions of B and X, so that reload returns to the X button and B becomes the equipment button instead.

Best Halo Infinite controller settings: optimised aiming

Long-time FPS fans will often recommend that you turn controller vibration off for multiplayer PvP, since it doesn’t really add anything to make up for its potential to mess up your aim.

Speaking of improving your aim, if you feel like there’s something a bit imprecise, try going to the Look Thumbstick section of your controller layout options and turning any two of the three settings (Center Deadzone, Max Input Threshold, Axial Deadzone) down very low while leaving the other one in the higher default range. You may need to play around with the exact settings to find the sweet spot that works for you, but this solution seems to be working for a lot of players.

One final tip for optimised aiming: Look Acceleration defaults to 2, but you can bump it up to 3 for swifter camera movement without sacrificing the accuracy of your aim. Just make sure that Horizontal and Vertical Look Sensitivity settings match one another, otherwise it can get a bit disorienting.

Best Halo Infinite controller settings: other adjustments

While adjusting your controller settings, consider toggling the Hold to Crouch option on. You’ll likely find that you have an easier time dodging and strafing this way, which can make a huge difference when you’re caught up in a firefight.

Finally, a word specifically to players on PC: it’s quite important that your mouse and keyboard aren’t sending signals to the game while you play, since it can cause lags while your PC deals with input confusion. If you can do so, consider just unplugging your mouse and keyboard entirely while you play Halo Infinite on a controller.

Those are the best controller settings we’ve discovered for playing Halo Infinite on PC, but if we come up with any more tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time in multiplayer, we’ll be sure to add them here. In the meantime, check out our guides to progressing through Halo Infinite's Battle Pass and advancing your tier in Ranked Arena matches.

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