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Halo Infinite's roadmap flips the Warthog by extending Season 2 to six months

Campaign co-op launch targets the end of summer and Forge beta in September

343 Industries have finally detailed the long-promised roadmap for Halo Infinite ahead of the arrival of Season 2 in May, and it’s not great reading. The roadmap sets out new maps, modes and two batches of story events for Season 2. So far, so good. Yet it also hints vaguely at what’s coming in Season 3 – now starting all the way off on November 8th, with the open beta for Forge from September. 343 cite “quality of life” lessons from Season 1, along with the sensible goal of maintaining team health, for the extension.

Halo Infinite’s roadmap for multiplayer, the introduction of co-op and info about Forge were all supposed to be out in January, but 343’s Joseph Staten tweeted back at the very start of February that the company would share details when they were ready. It didn’t help either that there were significant teething troubles like the matchmaking issues with Big Team Battle that many players faced for months, and no campaign co-op at launch. At least the latter, along with campaign mission replay, is now dated for the end of summer. 343 insist that more info about Season 2 and its introduction of story events will drop at a livestream at 1pm PST/9pm BST on April 27th, broadcast on its Twitch and YouTube channels.

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It can only hurt the game’s variety that even a beta for Forge is still such a long way off. Kaan Serin spoke to Halo Infinite content creators at the start of this month about why they’re flooding away from multiplayer. “Engagement for Infinite is abnormally low for a live service-game at the beginning of its multi-year journey, especially for a franchise as big as this,” he said, and felt that it was really crying out for the arrival of Forge. Ed pointed out that the multiplayer is really stable at least, but still wished it had battle royale.

343 Industries has detailed an updated roadmap for Halo Infinite ahead of the arrival of Season 2 in May

Brendan said Big John Halo and crew were “a finely tuned mechanism for delivering explosions and dopamine” in his Halo Infinite multiplayer first impressions shortly after its surprise release in November. “From the perspective of a man who lost his teen years failing to capture flags on Halo 2's Zanzibar, and who likes Mister Chief's idiot oo-rah universe enough to have read actual Halo novels, the multiplayer is as sound and sturdy as a big meaty man in a big metal suit,” he added.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is free-to-play on Steam and lets your Spartan wear cat ears. Season 2 launches on May 3rd and runs through November 7th.

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