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'Where Is My Hammer: Destroy Everything!' Is Its Name

You smash things in this video game, yeah?

You know that bit in Red Faction: Guerrilla where you hit things with a hammer and they explode? It's great, that bit. Where Is My Hammer: Destroy Everything! is, you might have already guessed, about bashing things to pieces with a hammer. Walls? Smash 'em. Your car? Wreck it. Your art collection? Well, you hardly seemed to be using it. If you appreciate wanton destruction, take a few minutes out, put your feet up, and smash some things in this free game.

I do like how things you smash can fracture without immediately falling apart. It's a small touch I enjoyed a lot while studiously smashing my every possession to pieces. Well, almost every possession. In the end, it's just us, our hammer, and the void. We can't smash our hammer, and we can't smash ourselves. Powerful stuff to contemplate.

No, it doesn't accurately simulate real-world physics. Yes, the world is made of preset slabs rather than perfect procedural materials. But you get to smash things. Do you see? Smashing.

Where Is My Hammer was made by Last Knight developers Toco Games for Indies VS PewDiePie. It's a game jam where folks are competing to have their creations played by the excitable chap who has - oh my giddy aunt! - 32,430,781 subscribers on YouTube as I write this.

The jam sets an interesting challenge, wanting games that are more silly to watch than they are necessarily fun to play. A fair few games in recent years have clearly tried to be YouTube-friendly, but rarely so wholly. I've had a crack at a dozen or so of these jam games and found most wacky but a bit dull. They don't let you smash everything, that's their mistake.

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