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Harleague Of Legends Quinn: Jinx Is Latest LoL Champion

Of big guns and bigger guns

Now, the secret to that painfully convoluted subhead is to say "Harleague of Legends" as though it's one word. Then Quinn. Get it? DO YOU? DO YOU, HUH? HUH? YOU WEASELY LITTLE- sorry. Got a little worked up. Must be leftover fury from the League of Legends pickup game I just played. Point is, LoL's new champion Jinx is kind of like Harley Quinn from Batman. Similar voice and personality, a penchant for crime, and an unavoidable attraction to "loose-cannon" antics. She also has a rocket launcher that she's quite find of, which adds a double-meaning to the whole loose-cannon thing. I have now explained two jokes in the same post. I should probably stop now. After all, it's like they say: three strikes and you're dead. I very much like my life, so scurry on to get some fresh, hot details below.

Riot outlined all of Jinx's various ins and outs in a reveal post, but here are the basics:

"Jinx is a versatile marksman armed with an arsenal of eclectic weapons. Her assortment of arms wreaks a ton of havoc, enabling her to deal brutal bouts of damage at the expense of mobility. One of the most important facets to playing Jinx is harnessing the power of Switcheroo! to safely harass her enemies from a distance with her rocket launcher before unleashing a hail of minigun pain when the moment calls."

So Q swaps out her default minigun for a mana-powered rocket launcher, W and E act as crowd control via a slowing electric blast and grenades with a brief rooting effect, respectively, and R launches a "Super Mega Death Rocket!" that has unlimited move space and picks up speed as it goes. Also, yes, all of her attack names end in exclamation points.

Jinx is quite vulnerable on her own, however, given that she's entirely lacking in built-in escapes or any solid means of protection. Strong positioning and teamwork are crucial, as is juggling weapons based on range.

Still though, she sounds pretty fun. As of now, Riot hasn't set a date for when she'll go live, but she's playable in LoL's public beta environment. So go! Get out there and rock(et) and roll. See, because Jinx uses rockets and [immediately dies of unknown but greatly appreciated causes].

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