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Have A Nice Death is the next free game for RPS premium supporters

The early access action roguelite has just received a big update, too

Year Two of RPS' relaunched supporter program is well and truly underway, and to celebrate, we've got another free game key giveaway lined up for our premium supporters. That game is Have A Nice Death, the gorgeous 2D action roguelite from Magic Design Studios where you step into the robes of the Grim Reaper himself - and it's just received a big chunky update today to boot. Here's how to claim your free copy.

One of our most anticipated games of 2022, Have A Nice Death sees you take on the role of an overworked Death, whose pesky employees have started to run rampant while you've been filling out a world's worth of paperwork. With no choice but to get things done the old-fashioned way, it's time to pick up your scythe and get back out into the field. Magic Design Studios are on primary development duty here, but Dead Cells' Sébastien Bénard has also been directly involved in its creation - and many of you will know that Dead Cells is one of our favourite action games of all time.

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It's clear to see where Bénard has left his fingerprints, too. When Ed played through Have A Nice Death's initial early access build back in March, he called it "a joyful experience stacked with cracking combat and funny characters", describing it as a "mash-up between Dead Cells and Hades, in the way you’re slicing through progressively difficult 2D stages and uncovering bits of story in the process."

He also said it could do with a bit more meat on its bones at the time, which is ironic considering its new update, out today, is called the Fast Food update (see the trailer below). In it, Death will be doing battle with all manner of sentient food stuffs, including giant, flying burgers, buff salt and pepper shakers, and what appear to be toothpick-wielding beef patties, giving players more of that crisp combat to enjoy and sink their teeth into.

Buying Have A Nice Death today would normally cost you £10 / €15 / $15 over on Steam, but RPS premium supporters can claim it at no extra cost on Friday, July 8th (that's tomorrow).

These keys have kindly been provided by Have A Nice Death's publisher, Gearbox Publishing, and they'll be available on a first-come, first-served basis from 9am PT / 5pm BST, July 8th, so make sure you're near your PC or phone to claim your copy.

If you're already a premium supporter, you'll be able to claim your copy of Have A Nice Death by signing in to your ReedPop ID and visiting the Codes page on your account. You can then boot up Steam, click "Activate a Product on Steam..." and copy in your key to start downloading.

If you don't yet support RPS and want to, you can view the tiers and benefits and sign up here. By supporting RPS, you're helping to keep us daft and weird, but you also get an ad-free site, extra posts, and for premium-tier supporters, game keys and more exclusive articles as thanks.

Thank you again to everyone who's signed up to become an RPS supporter so far, and especially those of you who persevered through our somewhat convoluted renewal process last month. I know some of you had a bit of a bumpy ride getting that sorted out, so you have my eternal gratitude for sticking with us through all that.

I'll also be writing another reminder post tomorrow, a few hours before the giveaway is due to go live, so watch out for that as well.

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