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Have You Played... Audiosurf?

You can't mistake my Biology

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Girls Aloud song Biology isn't just a piece of music to me, it's a landscape. This because of the hours spent playing it over and over in Audiosurf [Steam page], an obstacle-dodging score attack game that captivated everyone in my social circle (and RPS) in 2008.

Everyone I know played the game on the same mode, Ninja Mono, which carved away the harsher edges of the game's challenge in favor of the simple task of hitting as many of the blocks as possible. This was because the real power of the game was in its ability to connect you, on some greater emotional level, to whatever music you were playing from your hard drive at the time. Biology is already all bouncing rhythm and driving chorus, but the impact is amplified when you are actually bouncing, driving, and tumbling down a procedurally generated, neon race track.

There's now a sequel in Audiosurf 2, which initially failed to re-capture the highs of the first album game, but which I hear has massaged its modes and methods across its lengthy early access.

Still, my heart will always belong to the original. Here's a trailer:

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