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Have You Played... Food Chain?

Don't become the food.

I’m desperate for Food Chain to take off. Described on its Steam page as ‘Full Physics Massive Multiplayer’ and developed by the same guy who made Paunch, Food Chain is a battle royale with a wild twist.

Currently in early access on steam, Food Chain is a completely nuts scrap between animals from bears and boars to goats and owls. Instead of being pushed inwards by a circle of gas/storm/whatever in-universe excuse can be thought of in other battle royales, in Food Chain you’re pulled towards the centre of the map by a finite watering hole. Everyone else is trying to get their fill, and you have to fight it out against other beasts to be the last one standing.

All 14 creatures available have their own designs, physics, and stats. The wolf, for example, is faster by land than the Hippopotamus, but slower in the water, and has lower protection against attacks.

All of this leads to a complete mad dash for survival, with animal skulls colliding and birds swooping and diving, culminating in a final stand-off after all the water has been drunk. I long for this to become a huge hit - it’s charming, fun, and if loads of people started playing it, a meta would develop and I’d be able to write guides on it. Everyone wins.

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