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Have You Played... For The King?

For the sing

I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to be doing For The King. It's probably got something to do with the evil magic that's popping up around the kingdom, but I'm more interested in my lute.

Fortunately, my lute happens to be really good at dealing with evil magic. My companions stab the dark beings (and pixies) we encounter with swords, bash them with maces and riddle them with arrows. I play songs at them, and they explode.

It's unclear whether I'm so talented that their brains can't handle the transcendental perspective which my melodies have the unique power to unlock, or if I'm just really, really bad. Either way, you can't argue with results.

I quite like it. It's an RPG roguelike where every decision is simple, but still worth quickly chewing over with co-op pals. The early game could do with being either zippier or more varied, however, because if my party doesn't manage to do whatever it is the king wants us to do on our current attempt, I'm not sure any of us could be bothered to start over.

Even though I do play a snazzy song every time we win a fight.

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