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Have You Played... Heat Signature?

Don't get audacious

Heat Signature is about plans going wrong. Oh, you were going to burst into that room, grab the hostage, activate your slipstream and leg it past the guards? Tough luck, you've dropped him. Now there's a bullet heading for your sternum, and no time to do anything but pick the hostage back up and throw him in the way. Now you've been shot down anyway, mission scrubbed, tossed out of an airlock with your tail between your legs.

Ah well. There are plenty more bounties in space.

It works, partly, because you're trying to do your best with limited tools. This teleporter won't work through doors, that one only lets you swap with another person. If you're accepting missions at a reasonable difficulty level, you're probably fine. But you're probably not fine. You've probably jumped straight into an "audacious" mission with a wrench and a couple of EMP grenades, tricking yourself into believing you can think your way out of trouble.

And you might, sometimes. You'll figure out a chain of stabs and sword tosses, make canny use of your stealth shield, hack turrets to do your bidding. You will feel clever and accomplished. Just not for long.

Disclosure: this game is by Tom Francis, who has written for this site, and one time came to lunch with us at MeatLiquor.

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