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Have You Played... The Swapper?


When you play the game of clones, you win or you die. Or both.

The Swapper is a 2D platformer that asks metaphysical questions about the intersection between consciousness, survival, and identity. I like it quite a lot.

You’ve crash-landed on a barren alien planet. You’re on your own, at least at first. ‘Recognisable’ life is long gone, reduced to forgotten terminals and recorded snippets. Then you find the device, and feel more lonely still.

The writing is a little on the nose, and the voice you spend 90% of the game listening to can be jarringly unconvincing. The telepathic space rocks are often tryingly cryptic. But I can't not appreciate the presence of thinky space rocks. Even told badly, this is still a story that makes you care about philosophical questions while thrusting you into a situation that demands you ignore their answers.

Not that it really matters: if you’re anything like me, you’ll die a thousand times just to avoid a two second walk.

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