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In Good Conscious: The Swapper

The Swapper has been in development for a good long while now. We first noticed it in October 2010, and today it's one of seven games receiving the Indie Fund's financial support. Today they've announced that they've had Penumbra's Tom Jubert writing their game's story ("leading narrative development"). The 2D puzzle-platformer will apparently discuss such existential questions as whether we have a soul, what is consciousness, and the very nature of our being. Which it's fair to say is something platformers all too often forget to broach.

It's (and I love that it's possible to write "another" here) another clay model-based game, along with using found objects to create a space station environment. Set aboard an abandoned space station, there's a device - the Swapper - that can transfer consciousness between bodies. And that begins to ask a lot of questions. Take a look at some new screenshots:

The finished game is due some time next year.

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