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Hearthstone's next expansion is The Boomsday Project


It's bombs, bots, and gobbos galore as Hearthstone prepares to dive into weird science with its next expansion, The Boomsday Project. Arriving in August, the expansion will add 135 new cards themed around the experiments and disasters of Dr. Boom at his secret wacky science facility. Expect robot friends, mechs who can magnetically snap together to form bigger mechs (go go power spiders!), high-tech weaponry, Legendary-grade spells, and experiments you may regret. or now, the real treat is watching members of the Hearthstone team dress up and goof around in a new video.

But first, here's Dr. Boom's recruiment pitch, which I must say is better than some I've received.

Cover image for YouTube video

New expansion means new tricks for cards, and Dr. Boom has a few. The new 'Magnetic' keyword for creatures lets wee mechs snap together to combine all their stats and abilities as one single minion. Each of the department heads at Boom Labs appears as a Legendary critter representing their class, and each class is getting a Legendary spell with unique, powerful, and potentially terrible abilities. Myra's Unstable Element, for example, simply says "Draw the rest of your deck" - handy to whip out all your tricks, but liable to backfire through Fatigue damage if you can't finish your opponent quickly. 'Omega' cards are smaller cards which gain mega-boosts if you play them when you have the full ten mana. And some cards benefit both players, such as giving everyone two mana - an interesting drawback that I did always enjoy building decks around in Magic: The Gathering.

You can see all the revealed cards--only five of the 135 right now--on the Hearthstone site. Blizzard plan to reveal more over the weeks to come, including in a Twitch livestream on July 23rd at 6pm (10am Pacific).

Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project is due to launch on August 7th. In the usual Hearthstone free-to-play way, cards and packs will be earned by playing or by paying.

For more on The Boomsday Project, here's designers Dave Kosak and Peter Whalen, artist Jomaro Kindred, FX artist Hadidjah Chamberlin, and intern/test subject Larry having a grand old time playing dress-up:

Cover image for YouTube video

They are having such a good time and I'm so into that.

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