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Hearthstone's wild and wacky Boomsday Project expansion is out now

Better odds in Blackjack than Hearthstone

Hearthstone has always been a lighter, sillier take on Warcraft's cartoony conflicts, but today's expansion - The Boomsday Project - is leaning fully into the slapstick fun of it all. Adding 135 unpredictable super-science themed cards (one of which is arguably not even a card) and some new game-warping new concepts, it's probably going to be a while until Hearthstone makes much competitive sense again. Best, then, to just enjoy the anarchy while it lasts.

Chaos seems to be order of the day through The Boomsday Project. Even if you aren't sold on the idea of Whizbang The Wonderful replacing your entire deck with one of his own at random, there's plenty more chances to roll the dice. 'Random' is probably the most frequently used word in the full card-list here. Some of them just sound ludicrously fun, such as Academic Espionage, which shuffles ten cards from your opponent's class into yours, while lowering their cost to 1. Could be trash, could be a chance to summon Tyrantus for free - feeling lucky?

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The main new system introduced in Boomsday is Magnetism, which allows you to slap two or more mechanical minions together into a single bigger, tougher whole. It's probably the simplest and most predictable part of this expansion, but there's a few cards that let you put interesting spins on it, like Kangor's Endless Army, which resurrects three of your mechs, fully retaining any upgrades they may have magnetised. And if strategy fails, just play Myra's Unstable Element, draw your ENTIRE deck at once and see how long you can ride that bucking bronco before dying.

You can get a very silly in-character peek at what some of these cards do in the Enter Boom Labs cartoon series that Blizzard released to follow up on their daft live-action trailer above. You can find the first, second and third episodes here.

The Boomsday Project is live now, and those logging in near launch will get 3 free packs of Boomsday cards, plus a random Legendary minion. Hearthstone remains free to play. Coming later in the month on August 21st is the Puzzle Labs single-player mode, adding a new chunk of solo content to this expansion.

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