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Hearts Of Iron IV Dev Vid Attacks By Land, Sea, And Air

Serious war

Adam has been jumping up and down and screaming about Paradox's brand new strategy game Stellaris, but we've neglected to mention that the one of their classics has a new game right around the corner. Hearts of Iron IV [official site], the next in the World War II grand strategy series, will launch on June 6th. So now here's a new video developer diary to explain a little about warring by land, sea, and air.

But before then! Here's the first video in this series, which we've not posted before. Must start at the beginning, you know. Strict military procedure.

Cover image for YouTube video

As you can see, Hearts of Iron is far from Command & Conquer. It has lots of buttons, for starters. HoI is a big, serious series where players take control of any nation to rewrite history, through diplomacy, industry, and force across the entire globe. It's a big simulation, starting with the war in its historical state but able to diverge massively from history.

Here's today's new video, looking at how armies, navies, and air forces all work and support each other.

Cover image for YouTube video

The new 3D look is swish, isn't it? The old 2D style was practical, sure, but this is proper pleasant.

June 6th, then. If you want to know more, here: Adam has played it - twice - and also had a think about interesting ways to play as Germany.

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