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Help RPS raise money for British Red Cross with our Christmas charity stream

The good kind of microtransaction

Christmas is a time for giving. Such as when we when we reveal each day’s Advent calendar game and you give us feedback saying we’re wrong. But it can also be a time for nice giving, such as donating money to the first Rock Paper Shotgun Christmas Charity Stream. We’ve decided to put our magnetic personalities to good use and raise money for British Red Cross, who help make life easier for a lot of struggling people - especially relevant in these dark, cold winter months.

On the 16th December, the video team - with some help from the words team - will be hosting an all day streaming extravaganza. Think Comic Relief, but instead of the cast of EastEnders getting dunked in a gunge tank (or whatever), it’ll be some friendly dweebs sitting on a sofa and playing some games as the room grows stuffier by the minute. By the end of it sweat will pour from our faces as freely as dosh pours from your generous purse.

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From 11am on the 16th we'll be streaming all kinds of fun things. The first annual RPS Nidhogg tournament! A Red Dead nature tour with resident fauna-fancier Nate! A Sims 4 house building contest! A live episode of Reviews Roulette (*the sound of eight regular fans cheering*)! Blindfolded Hitman 2! The return of the Microsoft Paint challenge! A Christmas quiz that I've yet to write so don't want to commit to its eventual quality! All in all, a good time should be had by… some. And all we ask is that you throw us a few quid/dollars/euros to our Just Giving page. Would be much appreciated.

Plus: throughout the stream we'll be giving away some of the games we're playing, as well as some of the exclusive PR tat we've amassed throughout the year. You - yes: you - could be going home with a Cyberpunk 2077 hoodie or a Warcraft statue that no one else in your family will want in the house. You don't have to donate to be in with a chance of winning; just watch the stream. Although donating would be lovely.

So we hope you’ll join us. If you click on the video above you can set a reminder, although we’ll be pushing it heavily on the day, too. Hopefully see you then.

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