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Here's How Garry's Mod Will Work With Kinect

I probably need to leap back into Garry's Mod. For about a year, it was one of my go-to games/game-like things. If I was feeling bored, I'd find the most elaborate ways possible to pit a single, pistol-armed human NPC against hundreds of languidly slithering legless zombies and cackle until my mental health was severely in question. Eventually, though, I squeezed all the grim carnage I could from even the juiciest of scenarios, so it stopped being my time-waster of choice. But now, it sounds like Garry's wonderful toybox - in much the same fashion as an infinitely multiplying army of single-frightened-human-hungry Ant Lions - has expanded quite a lot. And more's on the way. Kinect support, for instance, is right around the corner, and Garry's released a video of how exactly it'll work. Flail your arms wildly at the break until something happens. Or just click on it.

Watch on YouTube

As with all things Garry's mod, it seems highly versatile - but not so much so that I couldn't wrap my head around it after a few quick minutes of fiddling around. The skeletal morphing stuff, especially, looks neat - if only to realize my dream of creating Half-Life: Babies. Welding the camera to different body parts also seems like it could open up some interesting possibilities.

But OK, yeah, mostly I just want to run around the Half-Life universe kicking and slapping everything in sight. "Pick it up," that Combine soldier will say to me after knocking over his trademark can. "WHY I NEVER," I'll reply before slapping his face with such force that he very nearly crashes through the ceiling. And it will be the most beautiful tangle of twisted, violently flopping limbs anyone's ever seen.

Garry's aiming to have the Kinect update out on Thursday. So probably start practicing your unnatural body contortions now. Oh, and also maybe clear out your living room.

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