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Here's How Mass Effect Andromeda Will Look In 4k

Mass FX

Sony just held a somewhat dry press conference about the release of their new PlayStation 4 models (a skinny one called the PS4 slim and a fat one called the PS4 Pro, if you’re interested) but the new Mass Effect Andromeda [official site] was also among the games they showed off. The footage is marked as a ‘tech demo’ to boast about the benefits of 4k, promising “crisper visuals, high dynamic range lighting... and some of the most lifelike characters we’ve ever created.” It’s also incredibly boring.

Watch on YouTube

So, uh, yep. That’s definitely some footage of a dude walking around a dark place and pressing buttons. But again, it focuses on how the game will look, not play, for players on the new PS4 Pro, but it’s not hard to imagine that we’ll get the same quality, if not better, on PC with 4k monitors and all the best innards.

We don’t know much about Mass Effect Andromeda but we do know that your decisions from the previous games won’t have as strong an influence as they have previously. The final ending for example, won’t be tied into the new story. Meanwhile, you’ll be put into the spaceboots of a new main character, Ryder.

As for the 4k stuff, do you care? I often feel people get caught up in the push for “crisper” and “clearer” images when what we have is already fairly astounding. The drive for some people to have every game be 60 frames-per-second flummoxes me. Of course, it wouldn’t be the tech industry without some good old-fashioned planned obsolescence.

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