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Here's the first 13 minutes of Borderlands 3's first DLC

Gamble with your life, not your loot.

Get ready for more gear and more guns. The shoot 'em up and loot 'em up Borderlands 3 has its first actual campaign DLC coming on December 19th, called Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. You'll apparently be giving up vault hunting for Ocean's-style casino heists by wrecking Handsome Dead Jack's gaudy gambling den. Gearbox have released gameplay footage of the first 13 minutes of the affair.

Moxxie and her crew are sending you off to infiltrate a not-quite-abandoned ship that housed Jack's cringe-ily named Handsome Jackpot casino. Naturally it's full of golden statues of the dead Hyperion leader and a very talkative hologram in case you forgot what his voice sounded like. As with other Jack-related stories in Borderlands, the early minutes of Moxxi's heist seem to involve shooting enemies with interludes for Jack to mock you.

This is Borderlands so naturally new DLC means new guns for shooting, new enemies for shooting, and new cosmetics for shoo—no those are for wearing. Gearbox say that the DLC is meant for characters who have reached at least level 13 in Borderlands 3 but level-scaling will ensure that players above that level will get appropriately badass loot drops. You'll need to have unlocked Sanctuary III in the main story before starting the heist as well.

You'll be able to buy the DLC on the Epic Store when it releases on December 19th. Presumably you'll also be able to grab it on Steam in April 2020 when Borderlands 3's Epic exclusivity ends. If you happened to purchase either the Season Pass for £40/$50 or the "Super Deluxe Edition," you'll automatically get access to the new campaign.

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