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Here's the first 15 minutes and six choices of Life Is Strange: True Colors

Get in touch with your feelings and Alex's too

Empathy overdrive adventure Life Is Strange: True Colors is headed to launch next week and hey, Deck Nine have shared some more gameplay. If you don't know yet how you feel about this next narrative choice game, come and take a look. Supernaturally gifted 20-something Alex Chen knows a thing or two about hearing and influencing emotions. She may just convince you that you're psyched about her move out to small townsville. The first 15 minutes of the game show off introductions to several characters, the first six choices Alex has to make, and the ridiculously pretty Haven Springs.

Today's video starts off right at the very beginning, with Alex talking to a doctor at the Helping Hands Group Home where she's lived for eight years. She's asked if her brother Gabe, who she's leaving to live with, knows about her "issues". That'll be her supernatural ability to see, hear, and influence the strong emotions of people around her. Alex says she's looking forward to being a "normal girl in a normal town" which I suspect is not at all how this story is going to play out. Sorry, Alex.

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After that, Alex hops off the bus in Haven Springs to meet Gabe for the first time in years. You get a quick intro to those abilities of hers, revealing how their renunion is a bit bittersweet. Gabe is excited to see her again but feels guilty about missing her growing up.

Then there's a bit more of the decision making of Life Is Strange games that'll affect your relationships. Do you give Gabe a hug or insist on a handshake? What flowers should you advise him to choose as an apology to his girlfriend? I imagine the choices Alex has to make will get a bit more fraught and unclear as things progress.

The feelgood intro is all set on the backdrop of picturesque Haven Springs. It sure is the stuff of postcards. I can only imagine what the local town council spends on all those flowers, golly. After reuniting with Gabe, meeting the local flower shop owner, local flower shop employee, and bumping into Gabe's girlfriend's kid, Alex decides to check out the record store.

Looks like today's first 15 minutes pretty much lead right into the 13 minutes set in the record store that Deck Nine showed off in August. All told, that's nearly the first half hour of the game if you're looking to check it out before launch next week.

Life Is Strange: True Colors will be launching next Friday, September 10th over on Steam. Its first DLC Wavelengths will follow on the 30th.

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