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Here's the Voice Cast of Kingdom Hearts 3

All the Kingdom Hearts 3 voice actors.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a long-running, character-packed epic blending Final Fantasy and Disney IP, with an original story. There are so many characters to meet, as you explore world after world of familiar faces. There’s Toy story, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, and more, and thanks to an excellent voice cast, it all feels so close to real. To help you match some faces to the characters you will encounter throughout your journey in Kingdom Hearts 3, we’ve put together this Kingdom Hearts 3 Voice actors guide. We’ll highlight some of the voice cast for the main roster of characters, and give you a bit of background to each one.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Voice Cast

There are a lot of characters in Kingdom Hearts 3. A lot. As such, there are quite a few voice actors lending their pipes, so we’re not going to be taking a look at all of them unfortunately. What you’ll find below is a look at the main roster of characters, still a whopping affair, alongside some info on where you may have seen/heard them before.

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Sora - Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment, the voice of Sora in Kingdom Hearts.
Haley Joel Osment in Rob Riggle's Ski Master Academy(2018) | Sony Pictures Television

Haley Joel Osment has played Sora from the very beginning. You probably know him as the kid from The Sixth Sense, but more recently he is set to star in the Ted Bundy biopic with Zac Efron. Elsewhere on USG, Caty interviewed Haley about his time with Kingdom Hearts, you can read all about it here.

Riku - David Gallagher

David Gallagher, the voice of Riku in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by Steve Granitz | Image courtesy WireImage.com

David Gallagher enjoyed success as a child actor, starring in movies like Look Who’s Talking Now. More recently he was in Steven Spielberg’s Super 8.

Kairi - Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner, the voice of Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by Frazer Harrison (2017) | Getty Images

You may recognize Alyson Stoner’s voice from Phineas and Ferb. They also play Barbara Gordon in the Young Justice TV series.

Terra - Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring, the voice of Terra in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by Bjoern Kommerell

Jason plays Logan Echolls in Veronica Mars. He’s also starred in several episodes of iZombie.

Aqua - Willa Holland

Willa Holland, the voice of Aqua in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by Jason Merritt | Image courtesy WireImage.com

You’ll probably know Willa from the superhero TV show Arrow. She plays Thea Queen.

Ventus - Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney, the voice of Ventus in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by Jason Merritt | Image courtesy WireImage.com

Jesse has worked in Disney properties before, namely Alvin and the Chipmunks. He also plays Robin in Young Justice.

Baymax - Scott Adsit

Scott Adsit, the voice of Baymax in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Official Head Shot Scott Adsit

Scott is largely a comedic actor, having played a prominent role in 30 Rock. He played Baymax in Big Hero 6 too.

Young Eraqus - Drake Bell

Drake Bell, the voice of Young Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by David Livingston (2014) | Image courtesy gettyimages.com

Drake Bell was one half of teen TV comedy duo Drake and Josh. He also voiced Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Mike Wazowski Voice Actor - Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui, the voice of Mike Wazowski in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by Michael Schwartz | Image courtesy gettyimages.com

Carlos has appeared in a ton of animated series. You’ll likely recognize his voice from Fairly Odd Parents, Archer, Rocko’s Modern Life, Despicable Me, and Batman: Arkham Knight.

Donald Duck - Tony Anselmo

Tony Anselmo, the voice of Donald Duck in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Tony Anselmo | Disney

Tony has played Donald Duck since the 80s. Definitely helps to keep the game feeling authentic.

Anna - Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Kristen Bell in The Good Place | NBC

Kristen Bell has been in everything from Friends, to The Good Place. She also plays Anna in Kingdom Hearts and Frozen.

Winnie the Pooh - Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie The Pooh in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Jim Cummings | Disney

Jim Cummings is no stranger to video game voice acting, having starred in Fallout 4, Project Spark, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, and more.

Goofy Voice Actor - Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by David Livingston (2011) Image courtesy gettyimages.com

Another Disney legend, Bill has played Goofy in a number of projects. He also provided a number of voices for The Grinch animated movie which released in 2018.

Olaf - Josh Gad

Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by David Livingston - © 2014 Getty Images - Image courtesy gettyimages.com

Josh Gad reprises his role as Olaf for Kingdom Hearts 3. Let’s just say he goes through quite the transformation.

Woody - Jim Hanks

Jim Hanks, the voice of Woody in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Jim Hanks voices Woody in the Kingdom Hearts series | Photo by Argentum

Jim Hanks is has voiced Woody in the series before, and does a damn good job of it. Interestingly enough, he is actually Tom Hanks’ brother, who plays Woody in the movies.

Flynn Rider Voice Actor - Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi, the voice of Flynn Rider in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Zachary Levi Returns as Flynn

Zachary Levi is set to play DC superhero Shazam! He also played one of Thor’s buddies for the MCU, and is probably most well-known for his role in Chuck.

Elsa - Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel, the voice of Elsa in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Image courtesy WireImage.com

Idina returns to play Elsa in Kingdom Hearts 3. She does a great job of adding some awesome musical elements to the proceedings, making Frozen one of the standout worlds.

Rex - Wallace Shawn

Wallace Shawn, the voice of Rex in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Image courtesy WireImage.com

Who doesn’t love Rex from Toy Story? He is, after all, a gamer, and also a dinosaur so what’s not to love.

Fred - TJ Miller

TJ Miller, the voice of Fred in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Photo by Jordan Strauss | Image courtesy WireImage.com

TJ Miller plays Fred in the Big Hero 6 world of San Fransokyo. He is best known for his roles in Silicon valley, and Deadpool.

Who Plays Captain Jack Sparrow in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Jared Butler, the voice of Jack Sparrow in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Jared Butler Official Head Shot

Jared Butler has played Jack Sparrow in a selection of Pirates games before, including the surprisingly excellent Disney Infinity iteration.

Who is the Xehanort Voice Actor?

This one's a little more complicated. In the original game, Bladerunner's Rutger Hauer plays Xehanort. Unfortunately he passed away recently, so Christopher Lloyd has taken up the mantle for the ReMIND DLC.You'll no doubt recognize Lloyd from Back to the Future and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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So there you have it, all of the main voice actors in Kingdom Hearts 3. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on how to find all of the Lucky Emblems. You can also read about the best weapons with our Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade list.

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