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Hi Sky! World Of Warplanes Out Of Beta Next Month

The only bad thing I can see about World Of Warplanes coming out of beta is that it signals an end of innocence for all children. After seeing the free sky sorties that Wargaming's free-to-play action game is capable off, there will be no more childhood games of 'Spitfire', where kids run around with their arms out pretending to be planes, and occasionally gob on the other team's coats. No-one will want to bother when it turns out you can do it for free and with much less phlegm involved. And when kids aren't spitting on one another, then their innocence is gone. Though there might be some drool, because World Of Warplanes is a rather handsome game of sky violence. When can you expect it to peel the beta sticker off? I've posted that information, along with a new trailer, beneath.

September 26th! I got that out of the way to be nice to you, because I often feel bad about promising that then wittering on for a bit. That's the date we can all take part in sky fights of War's one hundred most iconic planes.

I have another treat for you: this trailer is CGI, but it's also absolutely brilliant. Enjoy!

Watch on YouTube

Via those bandits at PCG.

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