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Hitman 2? More like Hitman TwooOoOOoOOOoO

Ian Hitman's Halloweening begins today

Lurking in the shadows, learning your life and routine, striking from the shadows with swift and often ironic murders (or cursed luggage), then vanishing as someone new, Ian Hitman is basically a horror movie slasher in Italian tailoring. It's fitting that Hitman 2 is going hard on Halloween this year. The tutorial level in New Zealand today gets a spooky makeover with all the skeletons, pumpkins, and scarecrows of a Halloween episode of an American sitcom, ready for Ian to come along and do a special murder. This spookening will also be available in the 'Starter Pack' demo, which is nice.

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The Halloween event and makeover are for a new Seasonal Contract in Hawke's Bay. You'll still be Ian doing his usual Ian murders but, y'know, the place now looks spookier.

Dressing-up in shoddy knock-off costumes is part of Halloween too, and so this can unlock a "tactical wetsuit" and "bat shuriken" to let him dress up as a crap Batman. You can almost hear him blowing his voice out trying to growl "WHERE IS SHE" and "I'M BATMAN" to a stranger at the drinks table, shortly before he gets snared in an impromptu skit with a Ledger Joker and Leto Joker who've spent the past three hours trying to one-up each other.

The Halloweenening is due to start in a few hours when the game comes back up after maintenance with October's big Hitman 2 update. See the v2.71.0 patch notes for details on fixes and changes in there.

I was glad to read 'em just for this note on the game's apple, muffin, and cheeseburger: "Whilst it is technically possible to land a final killing blow with any of these three items, it would be misleading to label them as 'lethal', which some players have requested / reported."

If you've not yet hit men but fancy seeing the Halloween event, head to Steam to install the free Starter Pack.

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