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Hitman 2 revealed by logo on Warner Bros website


Welcome to leak week, those pre-E3 days more leaky than a colander of leek soup. This time, it’s Warner Brothers. They've only accidentally left a logo for Hitman 2 sitting around in the innards of their website, the big sillies. It’s gone now but was there long enough to be spotted by Twitter persons RobotBrush and Wario64. Hitman developers IO Interactive had been teasing an announcement on June 7 and it looks like this is it. We already knew the bald murderer was going on another set of homicidal holidays when IO confirmed they were working on a new entry last year. But now we know Warner Bros is officially involved too.

IO Interactive were previously owned by Square Enix, but they were cut off from the publisher's teat last year. However, they got to keep Agent 47 when they went independent. It seems Warner Bros has stepped in and offered a publishing deal to get the unemployed contract killer back on his feet. In April WB said they were publishing a Definitive Edition of Hitman (for consoles only, on real shelves in real shops) which now seems like a precursor to this broader sequel-publishing deal.

Anyway, we’ll probably see a trailer or something on Thursday. Perhaps some shots of undercover skulking of our hairless hero? A poker-faced 47 fishing with his target at a Florida resort. A sorrowful 47 in a waiter’s apron listening to his target’s hard childhood over a mug of hot chocolate. A tearful 47 breaking down on the doorstep of his target, as he comes to terms with his own brutal past and vows never to harm another human again, but only to be faithful and caring to this friendly, tender man, his last target, his first love. Hitman 2: The Married Life.

As unintentional reveals go, it’s fairly tame. Unlike the Ubisoft error from earlier in leak week, in which the Greece-bound Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was revealed thanks to a promotional keyring.

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