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Hitman 2's new homing briefcase turns every game into It Follows

The deadliest weapon

Thanks to a peppering of weird bugs over the years, Hitman has seen a few iterations of the killer briefcase come and go. Hitman 2's briefcase bug, often heralded in the form of long GIFs, turns your standard hitman briefcase into a homing missile that spins like a throwing star and bends gently around corners as it follows its prey.

Now, developer IO Interactive have brought back the bug as an unlockable weapon, leading to what is - I think - my favourite ever version of Killer Briefcase weaponry: Absurdly slow and tediously steady. Take a look after the jump.

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear…
by u/D-ClassPersonnel in HiTMAN

Like the film It Follows, the video posted by Reddit user "D-ClassPersonnel" depicts a villain hurtling slowly and eternally toward its target. Unlike It Follows, it's a two minute clip of a briefcase following a jogger but I think it's still the slowest yet most tense chase I have ever been witness to. The weapon is so slow. The jogger is so slow. The homing briefcase twirls lazily like a ceiling fan, whirring through the air after its unassuming prey. The jogger, who easily outruns that leathery fate for a couple minutes, is sadly outplayed in the end as walls mean nothing to killer briefcases - a lesson we should all take seriously.

The homing briefcase, also known as the ICA Executive Briefcase MKII, is currently available for users who have played up to Hitman 2's final Isle of Sgàil map. The weapon is a reward for beating the Best Case Scenario Challenge Pack which went live yesterday.

"We took a long time to patch it because we liked it, but we wanted to put that property in one particular briefcase rather than have all of them act weird. So we're embracing the fun in a different way," IO Interactive community manager Travis Barbour said last week in announcing the ominous return.

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