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Hitman 2's heat-seeking briefcase was a bug. Now, it's a feature.

Worse Case Scenario

The most terrifying monsters are those you can't escape. Time, for one, will make dirt of us all. In the right hands, luggage can be just as deadly. With a lumbering momentum and clockwork rotation, the briefcase will find us all. Turning corners? Useless. Hiding behind a wall? A joke. Even burying it in the "resolved bugs" folder didn't keep it down for long - the homing briefcase is coming back, and there's no getting away this time.

Hitman 2 launched with some properly goofy briefcases. Certainly not the kind that'd make it through airport security in this day and age, slowly floating towards some hapless tourist. IO Interactive were pretty prompt in fixing that up, but not before it became a fan-favourite goof.

Here's a reminder of how determined this little case could get (courtesy of Reddit user "venomousbeetle").

It looks like IO Interactive were just as fond of the case's goofy antics. Despite its often self-serious spy thriller tones, Hitman is best when played as a black comedy slapstick routine, and dangerous flying office gear played into that perfectly. As such, the briefcase made its brief (hah) comeback during a monthly community stream this Monday.

“We took a long time to patch it because we liked it, but we wanted to put that property in one particular briefcase rather than have all of them act weird. So we’re embracing the fun in a different way,” said community manager Travis Barbour during the stream (skip through to around 1:11:50).

Any physics-defying capabilities have been handwaved away as spy tech babble. It's a perfectly ordinary-looking case, perfect for the discerning businessman-come-assassin, with a pink "Mark 2" sticker as self-admittedly worn as the flying luggage meme.

The ICA Executive Briefcase MKII is a reward for beating the Best Case Scenario Challenge Pack, out August 8th. Naturally. It's totally free, but you'll have to have at least played up to Hitman 2's final Isle of Sgàil map.

Will the probably-confirmed Hitman 3 have homing briefcases? That'd be nice.

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