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Horizon Zero Dawn multiplayer game claimed to be in the works

The base game might be getting a remaster, too, for some reason

Horizon Zero Dawn developers Guerrilla Games are working on an online multiplayer instalment in the retro-futuristic, robot battling series, a new report claims. MP1st say multiple sources allege the project exists, and another suggests it could include co-op involving some form of customisation based on tribes from the Horizon series. This multiplayer version of Horizon would come to PC alongside PlayStation consoles.

Horizon's landscapes and giant robot dinos really came to life on PC.Watch on YouTube

The rumoured multiplayer game isn't the only 'new' Horizon project in the works, either, according to the report. Despite it only having been five years since Guerrilla released Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation, and three since it came to PC, the report also makes mention of a Zero Dawn remaster as well. MP1st’s sources say one is coming for PS5, although they don’t qualify whether the PC release would receive a similar zhuzing up.

It sounds like many of the changes that may be in store here are intended to bring the first game in line with sequel Horizon Forbidden West, which we haven’t seen arrive on PC yet. We are getting another Sony remaster soon-ish in the form of Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us Part 1 though, so fingers crossed Forbidden West and any improvements to its predecessor also make it to PC. Sony do seem to be taking PC ports more seriously these days.

Nate (RPS in peace) bestowed a Bestest Bests on Aloy in his Horizon Zero Dawn for PC review, although he felt it could have used some beefier sidequests. “I wish its mission design had enjoyed as much investment of energy as its narrative and visual direction,” he said. “The side quests are almost universally uninspired, quickly becoming repetitive, and for all that I love the game, I've beelined the main story in both my playthroughs to date, taking only occasional tangents where optional missions promised really cool fights.”

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is available for PC on Steam, the Epic Games Store and GOG for £40/$50/€50.

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