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Horror survival sequel Sons Of The Forest delayed

Sure, I can wait to get my face gnawed off by a mutant

The makers of The Forest announced over the weekend that they're delaying the launch of the craft-o-survival horror game's sequel, Sons Of The Forest. Previously due on the 20th of May, it's now expected in October. Developers Endnight Games offer the usual reason: they want more time to make it good, yeah? I'm fine with waiting a while for more wonderful unpleasantness.

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Endnight's delay announcement included a vid showing some nice wee first-person animations:

I really do appreciate those animations. The ravenous bite of a raw fish. The careful unfolding of a paper target. The weird finger fumbling. The building animation which actually builds. That's the good stuff. I'm always delighted when a game animates a detail which often just pops into place. Please use these extra five months of development time to add some first-person origami, thanks.

I'm not much of a craft-o-survival player but I really enjoyed what The Forest did with those familiar elemenents. The shock of first encountering the murderous cannibals is fantastic, the unease of how human they behave, the creeping dread as their curiosity and hostility escalate, the growing concern as we become pretty monstrous ourselves to fight back, and the outright horror of discovering quite how mutated they are. Lovely, awful stuff.

The Forest spent just under four years in early access before launching in full in 2018. We'll still tell you it turned into one of the best survival games.

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