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How to play Breach

Breach for the stars.

If there’s one agent who loves walls and the environment, it’s Breach. More specifically, his abilities either emerge on the other side of walls, or they’ll pass through anything that stands in their path. He provides a real mixture of utility and aggression, often in a way that’ll force the enemy to reposition whether they like it or not.

Below you’ll find an overview of all his abilities and some tips to help you get the most out of them. Stay tuned for further updates as the game evolves!

How to play Breach

Aftershock [C] (100 Credits)

Breach fires an explosive blast which’ll hit a wall, and after a short delay, it’ll blast through the other side and deal massive damage to anyone caught in it. Let’s just say, you probably aren’t going to survive if you get hit.

However, it’s highly telegraphed, meaning enemies have quite a while to get out of its blast radius. This makes it hard to land, but because it’s so lethal, it’s a great tool for forcing enemies out of hiding spots.

Fire this into areas which you think someone’s holed up in, then lie in wait. Hear a push incoming? Why not fire it through a nearby wall in an attempt to either delay the push, or cause them to panic, speed up, and likely position themselves poorly.

Flashpoint [Q] (200 Credits)

Fires a charge that’ll pass through surfaces it hits and blind enemies in its radius after a short delay. It’s windup time is much faster than Aftershock which makes it hard to dodge if you’re on the opposing side.

This is great for flashing enemies before you enter a room, or push onto a site. It’s definitely worth communicating with your team before doing so, as you don’t want to blind your allies!

Consider experimenting with angles too, as it’s surprising how many flashes you can perform from all sorts of different spots on the map. Plus, the more unexpected, the better.

Video by Myth

We've got plenty more agent specific guides for you below, stay tuned for plenty more too:

Faultline [E] (35s Cooldown)

Upon activation you’ll charge up a shockwave which’ll ripple through any terrain it passes through. It travels in a straight line and you can preview its path before pressing the trigger by looking at your minimap. Any enemies caught in the shockwave will be disoriented for a short while and have terribly slow firing speed.

Again, this is great for forcing enemies into unfavourable positions, to delay pushes, or to aggress on a site by catching out those holding angles.

Rolling Thunder [X] (7 Orbs)

This is essentially Faultline, but with a much, much wider radius - and a more severe disorient. It’s absolutely lethal if you’re pushing onto a site, or hear an enemy team pushing as it’s radius is enormous, so much so, it’s practically impossible to evade. And even if the enemy manages to dodge out the way, they’ll be so rattled they won’t last long.

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