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HTC Vive cybergoggles get £160/$200 pricecut

Will you get gogged?

HTC and Valve's Vive cybergoggles today received a permanent price cut, taking the virtual reality headset from £759/$799 to £599/$599. Unlike the current £399 Rift sale, this is a permanent change. And it comes just in time for Rez Infinite, which our Alec has declared to be "the greatest VR game to date." I myself am holding out for goggs with spring-loaded steel spikes over the temples so when I die in the game, I die in real life (which I understand to be a fundamental part of VR) but if you've simply been waiting for a lower price, voila.

"With Vive's ever-growing VR Ecosystem and the holiday season right around the corner, we believe now is the right time to make Vive even more accessible to those excited about entering the world of high-end VR," HTC said in today's announcement.

And yup, the price cut is less dramatic in the UK. First they get us with Brexit, now this. Still, it might be worth it: perhaps someone will make a VR Parliament and we'll be able to spend four years hugging our knees and as we're lulled to sleep by Big Ben's cyberbongs. Little bit of politics for you there, ladies and gentlemen.

Finger-sensing controllers, codenamed 'Knuckles', are coming for the Vive at some point so this package won't last you forever and ever and ever (unlike other PC hardware, which is obvs for life) but it will get you on the virtual ladder.

We're in the dying days of an Oculus sale bringing their own Rift goggs down to £399 (with motion controllers included). Are either of these prices low enough to get you gogged up, chums?

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