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Be A Clumsy Buffoon With A Friend In Human Fall Flat

Hunam flaall fat

Last month we warned you that Human: Fall Flat [official site] was coming out. And did you listen? No. And now look. This wobbly physics puzzle game, starring a drunken Gang Beast lookalike called Bob, is all over Steam and you are all like, "whoa, where did this come from, dude?" and "oh the wee man can't hold the stick" and "haha I'm having such a great time". Well, don't blame us when you're having fun throwing things through a window with your friend in co-op mode. We tried to tell you.

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In this surreal puzzler you'll find yourself exploring dreamlike floating islands, solving problems with any item you can find in a bid to get yourself from one place to the next. The developers, No Brakes Games, first put it up on back in the day and have since fleshed it out. You'll now be using sticks, catapults, wrecking balls, industrial bins, inflatable mattresses and much more to waddle your way through the levels. It also has a local co-op mode now too, allowing two players to ruin each others lives by pushing one another off the edge of the world.

The game's description also says it features "direct and complete control of the character" but judging by my time with Gang Beasts and the look of this little guy, total control of each of his independently moving limb seems ambitious at best.

There's only eight "dreamscapes" to explore but the creators are betting on players being thoroughly mischievous, inventive and daft. I hope you don't disappoint them.

Human Fall Flat is £9.59/11,99€/$11.99, including a launch discount, on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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