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Humankind has new African DLC and a patch today

Plus a 25% discount on the base game right now

Amplitude Studios today released the first proper paid DLC for Humankind, adding new African cultures. Perhaps more importantly than that, they released another patch. A Civilization-esque strategy game from the makers of Endless Space and Endless Legend sounded great but some found it suffered issues with bugs, balance, and general polish. So sure, expanding the game with DLC, sure sure, tell me about making what's already there better. Amplitude laid out some of their plans on that front, too.

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First, the paid stuff. The Cultures Of Africa Pack It adds six new historical African cultures across the eras, complete with new Wonders, new independent people, and new narrative events. Many mods add new cultures but this is shiny Amplitude-grade content. A 10% launch discount brings the DLC down to £6.29/€8.09/$8.09 on Steam and Epic until Monday the 24th.

Second, the patch. Update v1.0.7.1764, codenamed "Allen Newell", is out now. Amplitude say it "focuses primarily on military AI improvements, in particular regarding culture and civics choices, sieges, bombardment, and strategic planning." For specifics, see the patch notes.

The plan for future Humankind updates.
From here to there.

Third, the future. Amplitude today posted a wee list of things they "plan to tackle in the coming months". These include stability and AI improvements, rebalancing, and other tweaks, along with new content.

Finally, the discount. A 25% discount brings the base game down to £29.99/€37.49/$37.49 this weekend on Steam and Epic. Go wild.

Nate's Humankind review was broadly positive, enjoying a lot but irked by some bugs and overall saying that "despite really liking it, I'm not 100% sure of what it is". He continued:

"It has set out to prove itself as a historical 4X that is emphatically not a Civ clone, and it has succeeded. But in bending itself around the monolithic bulk of Big Sid's baby, it has grown into a strange shape. There's just a lot going on, is the best way I can put it. At times, this makes for an extremely rich strategic play. At other times, it makes for an experience verging on information overload."

It still has a demo so you can see a bit for yourself, if you're tempted by that 25% discount.

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