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Humankind is also coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch

The fifth X is for Xbox

Humankind is sure angling for a strategic victory this month, outlasting other contenders in the shrinking pool of the top games in August we'd been looking forward to. Better yet than just holding its ground, Amplitude Studios have just announced that their Civ-alike will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch as well. That, and they've prepared a snazzy trailer full of big numbers to show just how much you'll be able to get up to in their 4X 'em up later this month.

If you want the stats, Amplitude say that Humankind has 60 cultures which can be made into over 1 million different combinations as you progress through the eras towards fame. There are 129 units and ten biomes and 122 costumes for your very customizable avatar. Boy howdy, they certainly do have the numbers.

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How does all that quantity stack up in quality though? Nate gave Humankind a go earlier this summer, after getting to try it out last year as well. "Overall, I was left feeling that the game had grown into pretty much what I had hoped it would: a solid, big ticket strategy game with the power to casually whittle away at the rest of my life, eight hours at a time," he says in his Humankind preview.

There are some caveats, though some Nate attributes to the 4X genre generally, such as being steered towards strategic decisions that are optimal rather than interesting. He's already worked out how to create a self-replicating band of cavemen though, which sounds right hilarious to me. Perhaps not by the fifth time you pull it off.

Humankind is launching on August 17th on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Stadia, and yup, Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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