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Humble Frozenbyte Bundle Appears Today

Humble Indie Bundle The Third is due out today. It's a bit of a different one this time around - after the first and second - only one developer is in the deal: Frozenbyte. It's a top collection of their games - Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor, Jack Claw, and Splot - and once again its intended to see money reach charities. What, wait were those last two?

The very enjoyable Shadowgrounds games will give you lots of top-down sci-fi alien busting. They're games I find I keep going back to when offered a spare couple of hours. And Trine, of course, was one of 2009's indie smashes, with its three-player single-player and co-op.

Jack Claw and Splot? Well, impressively, neither has come out yet. If you make an offer for the bundle, you'll get a prototype of Jack Claw, and for now just a pre-order of Splot. What are they?

Jack Claw is literally just a prototype at this point - a man with a giant bendy claw arm thing, throwing cars around. It's only on Windows at the moment, but apparently will come with its own source code. Impressive.

There's no real clue on Splot. It's a promise, just now. But heck, Frozenbyte don't tend to make anything short of top fun games, so it seems worth having.

Trine arrives on Linux for the first time in this collection, while the Shadowgrounds are both on Mac and Linux as well as PC. And they have their soundtracks included.

You'll have to pay, er, what you want for the deal, which seems like just about the most reasonable offer imaginable. And while it's not quite as gobsmacking as the first two Bundles, it's still a fine way of picking up some indie greats, while chucking money not only at the developer, but also Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The trailer below contains all the details, and thanks to IndieGames and WASD.

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