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I am immensely jealous of this Valheim build

Alright, I admit, this home is way nicer than mine

Ahh Valheim, a viking survival game that literally everyone on planet Earth is playing right now. Including a few friends and I, who inhabit a modest dwelling overlooking the sea. I thought it was rather impressive, but no, it pales in comparison to a player home that I spotted recently. A large part of it is built under rock too, I mean, I had no idea this was possible. I am now the embodiment of jealousy, a living envy-vessel who will shut the door of my home just a little bit harder than usual.

A viking architect by the name of "Fyxate" posted a short tour of their Valheim home. Everything about it makes me shudder with bitterness, and yet, I can't help but be wowed from start to finish.

Under rock builds seem to be the new thing. My WIP home so far. from r/valheim

Kicking off the tour, they've got this lovely little walkway through a nestle of pine trees that snakes up a rocky incline, and leads to an entrance so intricate, I will be stealing its design with immediate effect. Whether I can actually work out how to build it or not is another matter entirely.

Onwards, and into an open-plan living space, with a flipping gorgeous view over the sea, dining tables, rugs, and a stack of chests made to resemble a bookshelf. A contemporary Norse home that could probably make it into real estate show Selling Sunset's next season.

But then they head downstairs, into a basement that's built under rock. I literally had no idea you could do this, and it looks rad as hell. It's the sparkly copper ore acting as a ceiling that's just, chef kiss. So anyway, when can I move in?

Oh wait, no I can't move in, because it's still a work-in-progress. Alright, they're taking the piss now. I'm going back to my home and I'm going to tell my friends about it and we're going to try to build something under a rock. But probably end up getting crushed in the process.

Imogen tracked down some other mightily impressive Valheim builds, if you're interested in seeing more mad creations.

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