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Valheim builders are already rivalling Minecraft's

From the Eye Of Sauron to cosy Skyrim lodges, some impressive crafting is going down

A lot of very talented people are playing Valheim. I mean, a lot of people are playing Valheim full stop - at the time of writing it's the fourth most-played game on Steam. But the people I'm talking about are the ones creating immensely impressive buildings in the viking survival game that put my little wooden huts to shame. Over the last few weeks, Valheim players have recreated some superb structures, from The Lord Of The Rings' Eye Of Sauron to Star Wars' Millennium Falcon.

I had no idea Valheim had a crafting system that would allow for these sorts of builds when I first played it. Scrolling through the game's Reddit now is kind of reminiscent of looking through Minecraft's: excellent builds as far as the eye can see.

Just look at this Millennium Falcon, complete with a fully mapped out interior of Han Solo's ship. Dubbed the Millennium Longboat, I'm not sure exactly how seaworthy this vessel would be, but I would certainly be afraid of it if I saw it sailing towards me. And truly, is that not the goal of a viking raiding party?

“Chewie, we’re home.” / I present you the Millennium Longboat. (test build) from r/valheim

One of the coolest structures I've seen yet, however, is this recreation of the Eye Of Sauron by "Rynborg and Thangel" (good viking names) on Nexus Mods. The picture below from the mod page is pretty murky, but is the best one to give a good sense of scale. It's a whopping great tower. And better yet, you can download it if you want it in your server.

A slightly more humble one here, Reddit user "rowelio" has recreated the Riverwood blacksmith cabin from Skyrim. 10/10 would visit for the night and steal all the food off your table.

Back into the tall structures now, here's a delightful wizard's tower overlooking the coast. This one isn't from anything, though it reminds me a little of Rapunzel's tower in the Disney film Tangled. The greenery growing all up the middle is a nice touch, and it's many balconies seem like good places to stand and stare wistfully at the world.

The Wizards Tower from r/valheim

Of everything on this list, however, this swamp treehouse by Reddit user "KUDOS" is where I would like to live. I feel as though this is how every kid imagines their perfect treehouse to be. The soft glow of the cabins up in the air is just lovely.

A final honourable mention to this outhouse, because Smash Mouth memes will never not be funny to me.

Another beautiful day in the ̶S̶w̶a̶m̶p̶ Meadows from r/valheim

I've loved looking through all these excellent builds and being inspired. Unfortunately, whenever I start trying to make cool stuff like this I just get bored then wander off on adventures (which usually end in my death). However, I will delight in looking at (and occasionally downloading from Nexus Mods) the cool structures that these folks create. Over three million people own Valheim now, so I'm sure plenty more impressive things are on the way.

If you fancy getting stuck in on some sweet builds like these, check out our Valheim building guide for lots of tips 'n tricks.

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