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I can't stop staring at Atomic Heart's skin in this trailer

The protagonist definitely uses night cream

Atomic Heart is an upcoming sci-fi RPG set in a warped version of the Soviet Union. Robots are running rampant at a strange facility, and it's up to you to find out what's cracking. Let me tell you what isn't cracking, though - the protagonist's skin. A new trailer for the game's mega-realistic photo mode shows off his flawless complexion. Oh yeah, and the robots look alright too.

Mundfish unveiled an "ULTRA DETAILED" 4K trailer for Atomic Heart's photo mode, and despite their use of all-caps, I still wasn't prepared for how detailed it would be.

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So far, I've spent quite a few minutes sitting on the eight-second mark. It's a close-up of nostril with a slice of cheek. I can't get over the detail of his pores and his lack of blemishes. To not even have a single spot, or a blackhead, in what must be quite a stressful and gritty environment is mightily impressive.

Then it zooms out and we get a glimpse at some nasty robots. Again, I'm drawn to skin, but this time it's the robotic kind. At around the 53 second mark you can see flecks of rust on the nasty machine that's about to hurl a rock. I'm also into its criss-crossy arms held together by nuts and bolts that I can't tear my eyes away from.

If you're interested in seeing more of Atomic Heart with less focus on skin, then I'd recommend having a glance at earlier trailers featuring drone bees and arm hair. And if you want to see other ray traced and DLSS games on the horizon, our big list should do the trick.

There's no release date for Atomic Heart just yet, but you can keep up with the game over on its Steam page.

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