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I think I might actually want a Steam Deck because the Nintendo eShop isn't as good as Steam

I don't like adapting to different things!

Hades running on the Steam Deck.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

I have long been on the "eh, seems okay" side of the fence regarding Valve's newest lil child. To me, the Steam Deck did not do anything not already covered by the four different video game boxes I already own. The largest advantage afforded by the Steam Deck, the ability to play cool games on a handheld device, was surely the domain of the Nintendo Switch - a console that I personally use about once a year. Usually the process is that I go "Oh yeah!", pick up the Switch, and contemplate buying Breath Of The Wild before I see that it has not depreciated in value whatsoever since it came out five years ago. Then I turn off the Switch.

Last week, though, I picked up the Switch, saw that Tangle Tower was on sale, and played it through in one go. "This is great!", I thought, marvelling at how I could play a game while sitting on the sofa, but leaving the TV free for my partner to watch whatever stupid TV show he wanted. I went to look for other cool indie games that might be on sale on the Switch, and that's when I discovered that the Switch eshop is hot garbage unless you know specifically what you're looking for. So now I want a Switch.

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