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In Praise Of World Of Warcraft: Legion

The best WoW ever

I often feel sorry for the World of Warcraft team. You're never far off a million complaints about everything from balance to nostalgic musings about how much better things used to be to the lingering "Wait, how is that clunky old thing still getting so much attention?" whenever anyone says anything nice about it. Today though, I want to put my positive hat on and rave about the Legion expansion. Minor quibbles aside, it's the best work they've ever done - an epic story, the sense of a whole world coming together to fight something bigger than any individual faction, and above all, constant mechanical exploration and new ideas as far as you can Blink a mage at.

One minute you're fighting demons, the next, saving a magician's rabbits inside a pocket dimension of their hat. We've gone from fighting elementals on home territory to launching a space invasion of a new planet, which now hangs bright in Azeroth's sky as a perpetual reminder and trophy of the ultimate battle being fought, and soon to be won. Whether it's saving adorable dragon Chromie from imminent deaths - plural intentional - or simply grappling around Stormheim, Legion completely restored my faith that WoW has many good years left in it. And years I can't wait to keep dipping in and playing, if only to see Blizzard keep schooling the rest of the genre.

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