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Indie showcases Wholesome Direct and Guerrilla Collective returning in June

Start your summer calendar if you haven't already

If you'd thought that the return of official E3 2021 would mean fewer individual online showcases this year, you'd have been wrong. Everyone seems to have enjoyed running their own events, publishers and indie game groups both. Two of last year's indie game focused reveal o'rama livestreams are coming back again this summer. The Guerrilla Collective showcase and Wholesome Direct will both premiere in June with a heck of a lot of indie games to check out.

Last year's Guerrilla Collective was quite a mix of big and small studios. As a refresher, here's every PC game trailer that came out of last summer's event. Larian Studios showed up with a bit on Baldur's Gate 3 prior to its early access launch later in the year. Oh look, Valheim was actually in it too, which is amusing to me given how it became a bit of a smash hit early this year out of what seemed like nowhere.

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The Guerrilla Collective haven't let on just yet which developers will be attending this year, but that makes for a good reminder that it really could play host to a teaser for one of next year's hits in the making.

The Guerrilla Collective show for 2021 is taking place on two consecutive Saturdays: June 5 and June 12, both starting at 4pm BST (8am PDT).

Over on the cute and cuddly side, Wholesome Direct say that they'll be showing off more than 75 different games. That will be by way of "new game reveals, exclusive footage, and even games that will launch during the show," they say.

They've revealed a few different games on this year's roster including sentimental puzzler Unpacking, Sims challenger Paralives, early access creature catcher Ooblets, and manage 'em up Bear And Breakfast.

Wholesome Direct is also scheduled for Saturday, June 12th. It'll begin at 6pm BST (10am PDT).

June 12th is starting to look like a pretty packed day, with official E3 2021 also kicking off that day.

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