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A Different Kind Of Limbo: Playdead Announce Inside

Rick Dangerous 2 for Goths

Limbo was a darkly atmospheric platform game which, depending on who you ask, was either a playfully morbid exploratory adventure or cruelly-designed Rick Dangerous for Goths. (I didn't mind the trial and error). If you were a fan though, you might be excited to know that developers Playdead Games have announced their new game, Inside, and it seems to be similarly about putting a small child in desaturated peril.

Here's the morbid part: it's currently only confirmed for XBox.

So why are we posting about it on a PC site? Because it's said that it'll "debut" on XBox One, which is game developer code for, "We've signed a contract and can't announce any other platforms till after our period of exclusivity has ended." Since Limbo made its way to PC in fairly short order, to great success, it'd seem sensible to assume that Playdead would do the same with their new game.

And if not, oh well. It's still a neat sounding videogame that might be relevant to your interests.

The Inside site currently has little more information than what's contained in the trailer, but it's due on the console box early next year and there's a newsletter you can subscribe to if you want to learn more.

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