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Iron In Zion: Fallout New Vegas DLC 2

I have been to the Zion National Park in Utah, but I don't remember there being any murderous men with bandaged-wrapped faces, desert renegades being killed in slow-motion or weird naked masked dudes. It's possible I just went to the wrong bit, though - I'm not very observant. Fortunately, the second spot of Fallout: New Vegas DLC means to address my errant tourism. It's called Honest Hearts, it's out May 17 (same day as the Witcher 2 and Fable 3 - the gods of roleplaying can be so very cruel), and it goes a little something like this...

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Looks aesthetically a little different to the Fallout 3/New Vegas norm, which is enticing. But what's it about? It's about this:

An expedition into the unspoiled wilderness of Utah's Zion National Park goes horribly wrong when your caravan is ambushed by a tribal raiding band. As you try to find a way back to the Mojave you become embroiled in a war between tribes and a conflict between a New Canaanite missionary and the mysterious Burned Man. In Honest Hearts, the decisions you make will determine the fate of Zion.

...Sounds a little like the excellent, much-missed Carnivale in a way. That'd make for a fine videogame, I'm sure.

Your heart may become honest on May 17. As if you won't be playing The Witcher 2 then.

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